Yamamura Koji - A Country Doctor - 2007

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I watched this short animated movie made for Adults many times. I still don't understand the story and most of the visual metaphors either. But I am fascinated by the many dimensions like I rarely am for so long. It is far from being only about the visual and sound dimensions like it is so often the case in most animated movies made by computer technicians (received on my yearly dense Ars Electronica compilation by example : http://www.aec.at/news/).
I even wonder if it is about Kafka this much. It is probably more or just as much about Yamamura Koji, since all the best directors do it for themselves first. No small rules of what could easily turn into an academic theme here (Kafka was a serious writer, really far from childhood, yet close in his vulnerability, covered by artists from all disciplines now and also with a degree of analysis in literature that is borderline ridiculous). What matters here is not what Yamamura Koji said that he meant to do, but the actual stunning result.
People often see bad things in slow understanding of a work of fiction and probably even more when it is not filmed material. Nothing that only requires one exposure can be of a sensitive quality I am passionate about. Best of everything for me is of this A Country Doctor's multi-levels nature. A masterpiece !!