Bergerrond (Berger Rond) présente la musique spasmacousmatique (all languages songs, schizophonia) de Vincent Bergeron sous son pseudonyme d'affirmation et de contradiction introvertie et extravertie. C'est dans le plaisir du jeu et de la complication volontaire et salutaire d'un monde meilleur. Ce monde on le voudrait plus honnête et expressif de réalités tangibles et en même temps fantastique et imaginaire, sans appui dans la réel. Nous y parlons bien de ces réalités souvent tenues dans le silence par peur des émotions et les extrêmes d'instabilité qu'elles peuvent amener (philosophie impossible ou trop facile, ennuyante à appliquer, relations sociales troubles, sexualité mal vécue, maladies mentales, environnements dangereux et à la dérive...). Cependant, le Berger Rond demeure une création imaginaire joyeusement à l'écart du concret. Également, Vincent peut lui-même être très rationnel et froid lors de la composition de ses instrumentaux alors il aime aussi se confronter lui-même pour mieux apprendre de la vie et en espérant aider les autres à sa manière. Il commence par aider les sons victimes d'injustice musicale par incompréhension. Il les accompagne et les encourage dans leur capacité à remettre en question les convictions bien pensantes. /// We talk really well of these realities often kept in silence by fear of emotions and unstable extremes that they can bring (impossible philosophy – or too easy, boring to apply – problems with social relationships and sexuality, mental diseases, dangerous environments, environmental causes...). At the same time, Berger Rond is still an imaginary creation that is joyfully not found in all things concrete or nice beliefs by average people. Over the years, collaborators helped me, Philippe Bergeron, Marco Oppedisano, Viveka Eriksson, Frédéric Szymanski, Marco Rosano, Daniel Knox, Laura Kilty, Alexandra Fol, Bruce Hamilton, Jörg Fischer, Anthony Tan, Liz Alice, Amy Kohn, Chloé Ferguson, Gregory Jacobsen, Jim Goodin, Charles Barabé, Jurica Jelic, Markus Breuss, Thilo Schact, Bob Marsh, Daniel Stearns, Les Déviergeurs de Tympans, Philippe Canovas, Yoko K., Fabienne Lucet, Carlo Serafini, Steve Moshier, Ben Carey, Drucpa Dracous, Matt Rosin, Tiny Orchestra and Daniel Zelonky. -- Vincent Bergeron --

The music composition Izanami (for Alexandra Fol) is from
Vincent Berger Rond - Elle avait raison Hathor (2012) :

an inside voice told me to look for new posting about my album Elle avait Raison Hathor (I rarely do) and then I found this. A real honour to be among so many big names !!
AMN Best of 2012 (So Far)
We are nearly half-way through 2012, and therefore it is a good time to revisit some of the best releases that have come to my attention so far this year. Of course it is important to keep in mind that there are plenty of releases I’ve yet to hear, so this list is far from comprehensive.
The best so far:

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Vincent Berger Rond - Interview for gajoob

Vincent Berger Rond - Interview for gajoob

It was good to collaborate with you Viveka Eriksson, I am grateful for all the works that we have done together, I am sure you will be happy in your new life :)
I did not remember this collaboration with the guitarist Roger Sundström.

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Victor Erice - Spirit Of The Beehive - 1976

Another movie with a sense of innocence that children tend to censor really fast in their lives (for good and bad reasons). Not a movie you can feel if you only look for the story to follow with an half-dead brain and defensive attitude. One of the best movies I ever saw about a child inner life, hoping you can still access this part of you. 

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Yamamura Koji - A Country Doctor - 2007

I watched this short animated movie made for Adults many times. I still don't understand the story and most of the visual metaphors either. But I am fascinated by the many dimensions like I rarely am for so long. It is far from being only about the visual and sound dimensions like it is so often the case in most animated movies made by computer technicians (received on my yearly dense Ars Electronica compilation by example :

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Elle avait raison Hathor


- Vincent Berger Rond's 10th music collection release is also available on Spectropol Records, on Bandcamp too

One of the most beautiful videos found on this server. Really stands out in its striking emotional force. I have seen this 7 hours movie many times already and connect much with Arvo Pärt's music.

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