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Lorsque je nomme des standards académiques de la musique, j'entends le négligé et non l'évidence. Cette fameuse clarté de langage tant louangée et pourtant si éloignée de la vie chaotique et absurde que nous menons ! Faut-il absolument croire en ce mensonge aussi rassurant qu'une identité québécoise clairement définie en opposition à une autre ? 

It makes sense on many levels with my previously posted composition, La soudure du cercle, this time removed once again from the horror aspect (not what I had in mind when writing the lyrics). Yet, the historical context of this video is not what I was thinking about either, but I love the numerous links with my music composition.

(Be careful with this one, avoid if gore and abjection with a director's vision might throw you off even more than gore badly done and so forgettable, this is not a silly movie by any mean, it goes through the mind of a psychopath stronger than any other movie perhaps)

The music composition Izanami (for Alexandra Fol) is from
Vincent Berger Rond - Elle avait raison Hathor (2012) :

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Victor Erice - Spirit Of The Beehive - 1976

Another movie with a sense of innocence that children tend to censor really fast in their lives (for good and bad reasons). Not a movie you can feel if you only look for the story to follow with an half-dead brain and defensive attitude. One of the best movies I ever saw about a child inner life, hoping you can still access this part of you. 

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Yamamura Koji - A Country Doctor - 2007

I watched this short animated movie made for Adults many times. I still don't understand the story and most of the visual metaphors either. But I am fascinated by the many dimensions like I rarely am for so long. It is far from being only about the visual and sound dimensions like it is so often the case in most animated movies made by computer technicians (received on my yearly dense Ars Electronica compilation by example :

One of the most beautiful videos found on this server. Really stands out in its striking emotional force. I have seen this 7 hours movie many times already and connect much with Arvo Pärt's music.

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