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Bruissement de griserie

It is perhaps my most accessible song with easily my melodic and carefully performed vocals. It is a synthesis of all my ideas (everything else is in Audiomachie perhaps). On some way, the instrumentation takes me back to 2001 when I have first made a piece with organ, violins and hidden organic textures. It was around that time when I started to really sound like something I enjoyed. Obviously, this new piece is a little bit more complex than the piece I have made back then. A recurring sound in my mind is now fully developed in reality.
Now appears on Audiomachie / Logomachie - 2009, available here :

9:55 minutes (22.71 MB)
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Propensity to go forward

Another one with many violins and cellos. Ondes louvier, layers of vst plug-ins experiments and timpani are also dominating the mix. Drums by Jörg Fischer and some sampler soundscapes by Carlo Serafini (really organic) add a little something. I sing the vocals with Viveka Eriksson. Now appears on Audiomachie / Logomachie - 2009, available here.

The propensity to go forward..
is an assimilation
of improbable variations
before I saw it !

Could you pretend to believe in them
No, I just need them to
live with the desire
Single mistakes of daily life dominate us / I saw here

It should be used with discretion
I prepare a mixture of time and reason
No time should be wasted without my permission

Only caring is not caring (x2)

7:36 minutes (17.41 MB)

1:36 minutes (3.66 MB)
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Des forces immobiles

Now appears on Forecast Proof - 2009, available here.

12:11 minutes (27.91 MB)
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All Words in World

Perhaps my most natural sounding composition; made with bass viole de gambe (such a terrific resonance, this instrument), cellos and violas, transversal flute (with haunting hiss), various heavy and light percussions. It features almost no dissonance and in terms of imagery, it is the alter ego of Bruissement de griserie. Perhaps, to fix a ship, we need to invent upside down navigation. Only two takes were needed by Viveka Eriksson, all these incredible vocals were in there !! Now appears on Forecast Proof - 2009, available here.

6:37 minutes (15.14 MB)
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The Stairs of the Unsteady

I composed this mostly electronic song (with exceptions : vocals, two violins and a trombone; for this last one, a lo-fi recording that is electronic in quality) with plenty of frequencies that are never heard in acoustic chamber music. I didn't want any instrument or set of instruments to lead the way. This way, each instrument can build its own life. Frédéric Szymañski adds guitars of electronic flavors. Viveka only needs two takes these days ! Now appears on Forecast Proof - 2009, available here.

5:43 minutes (13.09 MB)