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New Official Vincent Berger Rond Site

While I don't expect to crush this drupal site for now, I might not update the content anymore.
Instead, the new Official Site can be found on the main part under the top menu under Vincent at the extreme right :

Willem Breuker – ...Superstars – 1978, Destination Out


Vincent Berger Rond - En dehors de tout - partie 1

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Berger Rond : FREEMASTER January issue

Berger Rond : FREEMASTER January issue
Vincent Bergeron aka Berger Rond is the first artist who was selected for the EARLabs FREEMASTER PROJECT*. Berger Rond offered no less than 97  minutes of music to be mastered. This blog gives an impression of the mastering process.

Berger Rond, Alex Pelchat, Preston Beebe, Vergil Sharkya
Vidéo filmée par Ed End. 
C'était le Mardi Spagghetti du 22/01/2013 au Cagibi.

 Georg Gräwe Quintett New Movements - 1978 – Destination-Out 
Untamed wildness by 20 years old pianist Georg Gräwe on this early effort that grabs me by the throat and the guts, unlike most jazz heard in my life of a music composer who have a tendency to end up jazzy more than actually listen to any variation of jazz music. It is true that my ears do not always know what to do with the kind of energy and vibe the top musicians of the genre have to offer. As an almost no-improviser who have lived away from musicians for so long, I can still only guess how music works for them.

 Pat Muchmore – The Music of Pat Muchmore - 2010 – Anti-Social Music
Sometimes when I discover an obscurity that I love, I get a little too excited about it, yet I always figure out why I do so. It is remarkable how you can always trace the source of your excitement for anything and once the true sources have been identified, you might not lose interest for your subject of excitement, but at least you can relax about it more easily.

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Mount Eerie - Wind's Poem - 2009

 I am always looking for a certain new feeling as a listener and music composer. Even if a musician or songwriter is better than most at what he does, if this feeling is not there, I will never get excited about him. Poetry of sound is my fascination, not professional musicians superiority over others. It is remarkable to me how many great professional musicians have about zero ear for poetry of sound. And it is not something you can learn from somebody else either. You have to figure it out by yourself, it is to me the talent of solitude.

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