Audiomachie / Logomachie

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Composition by Vincent Bergeron and collaborators. Everything was essentially composed during the first 6 month of 2009 and is protected by SOCAN.

Viveka Eriksson composed a part of the vocal melodies, made some of the lyrics better, singed them, except on the piece # 2 where she doesn't appear. Jörg Fischer prefered the drums on #1 (like voices from elsewhere, #3 and #4 ; he also added insect voices or my album Philosophie Fantasmagorique (2006-07). Frédéric Szymanski composed in part and played of almost everything on #1 (acoustic guitars with 12 steel strings, nylon strings and other acoustic instruments of bass frequencies). Dan Stearns plays a ukulele on #2 and a texture sounding as much like a sitar than a submarine on #3. Amy Kohn composed and performed a vocal part on #1 ("Universal Ideas are clichés ! We refuse to call this way.") Bob Marsh played an invented acoustic instrument on #1 (introduction and before the end). Philippe Bergeron plays a digital bass on #6 (introduction). Carlo Serafini added some textures on #4 and #6 (like a wind of digital data).