Instruit Mental

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Everything was composed from 2004 to 2009 by Vincent Bergeron and is protected by SOCAN. (58:00)

All music composed chord by chord (collage or not, it’s the same thing in my case) by Vincent Bergeron and Berger Rond for strings instruments (cellos, violins, double bass, piano, koto, acoustic and elect. guitars...) for winds instruments (clarinets, saxophones, flutes, tuba, oboe, sho...) for percussions and drums (tabla, marimba, lawae, timpani, drum machine...) and for keyboards (accordion, church organ, synths and samplers.

Invited collaborators

  • Singers Viveka Eriksson (#1-2, #5-7), Amy Kohn (#1) and Fabienne Ducet (#4) orginally appeared on the songs with vocals)
  • Marco Oppedisano played amb. and elect. guitars (about seven different sound textures) on #4, #5 and #7 (yes)
  • Frédéric Szymanski composed a bit and played of almost everything on #1 (acoustic guitars with 12 steel strings, nylon strings...)
  • Marco Rosano played tenor saxophone on #6 ; clarinet, bass clarinet, bass and tenor saxophones on #7
  • Jörg Fischer prefered drums on #1 (like voices from elsewhere), #2 and #7
  • Markus Breuss (trutruca, #7)
  • Bob Marsh played an invented acoustic instrument on #1 (introduction and before the end)
  • Dan Stearns played a texture sounding like a sitar and a submarine on #2
  • Tiny Orchestra (primitive feel, #5)
  • Thilo Schacht (sampler noise, #7)
  • Gregory Jacobsen (sampler noise, #5)