Vincent Bergeron, a musical arranger and lyrist, 30 $ can / hour

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Vincent Bergeron, a musical arranger and lyrist

In the whole world, there never was so many bands. It's the Internet era. Using promotion tools that are almost free, all music artists now have a chance to be discovered. Selling music in the digital format is now accessible to all. CD pressing services and all commercial music outlets are about to end business. A new technological era is rising.

In those conditions, the priority for a new pop band is not only to find a good agent to organize concerts tour, but also to step out of other bands on all artistic aspects. The i-pod generation has already heard too much music to be interested by a band who doesn't live up to the expectations. Don't you want to hit strong and really attract the attention of the most awaken medias and listeners who would notice the new sounds and the high quality of your music ?

Musical arranger, Vincent Bergeron (Berger Rond is now his artist name since there are too many Bergeron in Quebec) can send you melodic instrumentations that are both acoustic and electronic.

Since 2004, Berger Rond composed five (6) albums of dense songs with frenetic arrangements like you have never heard before; his musical style is evolving in an unknown zone that makes new music musicians unsure about the nature of his composition methods. Certainly, Vincent Bergeron can make your music sound innovative with a timeless sound, totally out of sonic trends while integrating them on a different way.

Lyrist, Vincent Bergeron never used the usual clichés in his songs; he never said to himself that listeners didn't notice the lyrics. From 2006 to 2009, Vincent Bergeron studied littérature comparée at Université de Montréal. His writing style was then noticed and encouraged by Éditions Dédicaces which published in 2009 is writing project La savante devait dominer. This project was first prepared for one of Vincent Bergeron's albums in 2008. This way, Vincent Bergeron can also conceive a lyrical concept for the artist(s) he is working with.

Vincent Bergeron is available to arrange your songs. He is working with digital files (.wav or .aif - flac is good enough). He suggests the use of electronic servers to send him your professional recordings (by ftp, or with any other effective tool like the system also conceived for musical collaboration). Your recordings can be reworked or not. Vincent Bergeron can also invent a new musical structure for you. In all cases, your original tracks will be used as a backbone to arrange your songs with new instruments added.

If you have semi-pro recordings, Berger Rond can experiment with them too (he loves lo-fi).

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composer and writer