Berger Rond - Logomachie

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Berger Rond - Logomachie ; Between visceral poetry led by my not-really-mathematical (a lot less than my music) romantic soul and formal experimentations with discovered vocabulary.

In this last part, I wanted to lose myself in words I didn't know much about, to best find myself again. Expression outside of the expected use of these words. As much by naive freedom than by desire to make myself a territory. Childish play, sometimes in French-English toward the end of the book. Desire to transform poetry in a game that includes darker shades, discovered later.

The lyrics for my songs The Stairs of the Unsteady, All Words in World, Audiomachie, L'ombre vacille en serpentin virevoltant and Forecast Proof were translated in English from French. The original poems in French appear on Logomachie. Other humoristic poems make the reading rather light between the colder parts.

I am more than happy with the excellent presentation job done by the editor Guy Boulianne ! Good choice in pages transitions. I was surprised by the pictures inside. Sometimes, some poems start before a picture and end after it, adding a new dimension to the book. Once again, I am really pleased by the cover art !

Thanks to Éditions Dédicaces !


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