Polanski - Tenant (1973) VS Berger Rond - Me Detester (2010)

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Rendered an odd video that is impossible to stream. But, the charm is there. I ended up with a vinyl-like sound for my music part. Bad audio rendering never sounded that sweet, specially for the piece Me détester quand je l'aime (hating me when I love), somehow nostalgic for me ! There is also a video driver bug in rendering, just on the right spot early on. Images dropping and over compression by error, but ended up loving it over my music. The mirror effect was wanted. Try many players, perhaps one will play this right under Windows. I only run under Linux for now on (video rendering is confusing for a while). VLC Player only plays the music and youtube / vimeo don't want it. Since I understand unloved documents, I am trying hard to post it here. Fun ! Viveka Eriksson and Daniel Knox on vocals.