Berger Rond - Child Traumatismes (2007) with Paul McCarthy - Family Tyranny (1987)

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Performance art video by Paul McCarthy ( There something about the way he attacks sexuality and childhood that specially talks to me. Like McCarthy (he said it in interview), I don't remember any childhood trauma (my parents are as nice as can be), yet, I feel perfectly at home with the theme through the realm of creation.

I always believed in my psyche, it doesn't matter if it happened for real or not, you can be convincing about expressing the reality of it. People who lack imagination often give more credit to life experience and facts which in art mean nothing at all (it can make a beautiful romantic statement sometimes). It won't help you in any way, it will probably only keep you from taking the time to be creative or make you, if you are not careful, derivative of current ideas around you. Depending of what you enjoy most, you decide to balance both or to focus on one or the other. In this case, it is not chosen life alienation.

Here is an obviously strong statement from McCarthy with one of my songs that I prefer in my early works. From Child Traumatismes, I notice now the dynamics flow that is close to what I did later (what I still do), the voice is pre-teen in tone and confuse all verb tenses to express what I wanted, the lyrics are perhaps too obvious like in a punk song but true to life.
Paul McCarthy - Family Tyranny / Cultural Soup (1987)

Child Traumatismes, featuring Marco Oppedisano on guitars and Fabienne Lucet (The Perfect Couple) on voice.

Philosophie Fantasmagorique (2007)