Bergerrond (Berger Rond) présente la musique spasmacousmatique (all languages songs, schizophonia) de Vincent Bergeron sous son pseudonyme d'affirmation et de contradiction introvertie et extravertie. C'est dans le plaisir du jeu et de la complication volontaire et salutaire d'un monde meilleur. Ce monde on le voudrait plus honnête et expressif de réalités tangibles et en même temps fantastique et imaginaire, sans appui dans la réel. Nous y parlons bien de ces réalités souvent tenues dans le silence par peur des émotions et les extrêmes d'instabilité qu'elles peuvent amener (philosophie impossible ou trop facile, ennuyante à appliquer, relations sociales troubles, sexualité mal vécue, maladies mentales, environnements dangereux et à la dérive...). Cependant, le Berger Rond demeure une création imaginaire joyeusement à l'écart du concret. Également, Vincent peut lui-même être très rationnel et froid lors de la composition de ses instrumentaux alors il aime aussi se confronter lui-même pour mieux apprendre de la vie et en espérant aider les autres à sa manière. Il commence par aider les sons victimes d'injustice musicale par incompréhension. Il les accompagne et les encourage dans leur capacité à remettre en question les convictions bien pensantes. /// We talk really well of these realities often kept in silence by fear of emotions and unstable extremes that they can bring (impossible philosophy – or too easy, boring to apply – problems with social relationships and sexuality, mental diseases, dangerous environments, environmental causes...). At the same time, Berger Rond is still an imaginary creation that is joyfully not found in all things concrete or nice beliefs by average people. Over the years, collaborators helped me, Philippe Bergeron, Marco Oppedisano, Viveka Eriksson, Frédéric Szymanski, Marco Rosano, Daniel Knox, Laura Kilty, Alexandra Fol, Bruce Hamilton, Jörg Fischer, Anthony Tan, Liz Alice, Amy Kohn, Chloé Ferguson, Gregory Jacobsen, Jim Goodin, Charles Barabé, Jurica Jelic, Markus Breuss, Thilo Schact, Bob Marsh, Daniel Stearns, Les Déviergeurs de Tympans, Philippe Canovas, Yoko K., Fabienne Lucet, Carlo Serafini, Steve Moshier, Ben Carey, Drucpa Dracous, Matt Rosin, Tiny Orchestra and Daniel Zelonky. -- Vincent Bergeron --

Cinematic sequences to extremes (get the source video from vimeo :, getting much closer to the collage cinema I would love to make one day. About 30 sequences and numerous flash moments were edited from this obscure, but masterful psychological nightmare from Zulawski (1971). The music lyrics in French were added in subtitles. They are for Dans les Nocturnes Plantureuses from my album Un doux rêveur dans. Homme Sauvage dit. (2011).

This time with 10 sequences of what is by far my favorite Scorsese movie ( in a new order over Berger Rond first piece from his album Forecast Proof (2009) with Viveka Eriksson on vocals.

Fourth from the series of cinematic landscapes (music starts after about 30 seconds : with one of the directors I can most easily connect with.

A third one from a series of cinematic sequences ( This time, Berger Rond's most electronic/drones music enters a zone that we acknowledge more and more today with i-pad and other gadgets of sort where human beings need for spirituality is satisfied through new technologies. Wenders predicted that quite well in this 4 hours movie from 1990.

A second one on a series of cinematic sequences linked to my spasmacousmatic music ( My music can adapt to a variety of styles ad genres. Here is a something specially connected in terms of creative methods and overall imagery. The music features Viveka Eriksson on vocals and it appears on this album :

Hoping this movie (better sound version on vimeo : will make my music sound more accessible. Music from Le savant devait arriver avant songeur, w Viveka Eriksson on vocals, written with a book of 150 pages published on Editions Dédicaces and easy to find in e-book.

FAME Review : Un doux rêveur dans. Homme Sauvage dit.

Un Doux Reveur Dans.
Homme Sauvage Dit.

Berger Rond
Available from Berger Rond's web site.
A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
by Mark S. Tucker

This week, I learned that one of my cousins was doing a post-Ph.D about the brain during sleep. I loved this idea a lot and will probably try to contact him soon. This said, I have no idea where my cousin views stand. What is sure is that this video from Rupert Sheldrake brings out, on different angle, so much of the ideas I am most fascinated by like intuition, the line between rational calcul, unexplainable subjectivity, visions in solitude, hallucinations, social influence from one person to another. In particular, it's in the same spirit than my new logo for the Berger Rond part of freakywaves. You know, I am not a really spiritual person so far in this life. I am not about religion at all.

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